Agile Risk Management (ARM): for better bottom line decisions now

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Risk as a Service (RaaS): dependable, easy to use, low cost and fast

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Emerging Risks: high tech, connecting people, reliable results

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Covid-19 Supply Chain Impacts: real time, front line focus, sure fire way to see the gaps

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Libor Transition Impact Assessments: Powerful, top-down, bottom-up, boost visibility, fast, easy to use, save time and money, massive ROI

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'Fast Global Risk Analysis at Scale'

SoluxR is the World’s first company to augment and automate risk management using Natural Language Processing, Text mining and AI

SoluxR Solutions are provided on a subscription Risk as a Service (RaaS) basis

Using Agile Risk Management (ARM) practices, we deliver results at scale, in less time, at less cost, more effectively and more reliably than using manual processes

Peadar Duffy, Founder Director

What We Do

SoluxR’s automated risk assurance solutions include:

Some useful approaches to how you can address any of the above or similar issues and challenges can be found here

Our Vision

We enhance strategy execution by connecting decision-makers across global organizations and empowering them with critical information in real time. This results in superior decision-making and reassures and protects those who are held accountable.

Our Delivery


Frontline Data


Real-time reporting

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Strategy Execution Office

Real-time dynamic SWOT

DAaaS Reporting

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Situational Awareness

Organisational Agility

Operational Transparency

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SoluxR™ creates real value and minimises value destruction.

The Team

The SoluxR™ management team has over 250 years' experience in the fields of governance, strategy and risk. In addition, our advisory board is comprised of international thought leaders in the areas of corporate strategic risk management.

Our People

We Partner With

Metric Stream is one of the world's leading GRC platforms. SoluxR™ chose Metric Stream as our first Technology partner because of their consistent standards of excellence and our closely aligned values. Metric Stream also believes in putting the customer at the heart of the company. Through active listening and open relationships, we commit to providing an innovative and trustworthy product for all of our customers.

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