Our History

SOLUXR™ is derived from a combination of two words – solas and lux. Solas is the Irish for 'light' or 'illuminate', and lux is the Latin for 'light'.

SOLUXR’s purpose is to illuminate those value creation and preservation issues and opportunities which need to be understood and mastered, by all decision makers from the Boardroom to the Operational Front Lines.

SOLUXR™ enhances strategy execution by both illuminating the issues and connecting the decision-makers across global organisations and empowering them with critical information in real-time.

Illuminating the issues and connecting the decision makers is Mission Critical to strategy execution.

It is the first step towards seeing the leading indicators of future performance and the bumps on the road ahead.

‘’You can’t do anything about the things you cannot see’’Peadar Duffy, Founder/Director of SOLUXR™


Following fifteen years as an officer in the Irish Military, and successfully creating multiple businesses in the risk services and consulting sectors, SOLUXR™ founder Peadar Duffy established the company in 2016.

Seeing the opportunity to integrate internationally proven and accepted technologies, management techniques, guidelines and practices, Peadar was joined by a team of seasoned business experts to bring Soluxr’s automated methodologies to major organisations spread across multiple geographies.

SOLUXR™ lives by its core purpose, vision and values daily.

Our Purpose is embedded in our name.

Our Vision is being realised as we partner with management consulting firms providing C-Suites with actionable information with which to exploit opportunities ahead of less adaptive competitors; whilst avoiding potential strategic derailment issues.

Above all, we abide by our four overarching values of integrity, effective communication, accountability and innovation.

"What we have created here is something that massively helps management execute major strategic initiatives. Our solutions illuminate opportunities and potential strategic derailment issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed until it was too late. SOLUXR™ illumination of hitherto unknowns, adds to the quality of management discussions and decision making. We provide strategic leaderships with insight from front-line decision makers as to what’s around the corner and what are the bumps on the road ahead. Armed now with strengthened foresight and oversight leaders can make more informed decisions, sustain performance; ultimately underpinning long-term viability." Peadar Duffy, Founder/Director of SOLUXR™
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