Case Study

'Always On' Strategy Scanning

ABC Network Communications


ABC Network Communications (“ABC”) delivers network communication efficiencies in software applications and data flows over wide-area networks using a WAN optimisation approach.


It currently faces challenges as follows:

1) Defending its market leadership position in WAN optimisation where it commands a 56% market share.

2) Developing a strategy to penetrate and grow in the Network and Performance Management business which has many serious competitors in a market offering solid growth of 5 – 10% per annum compound.

3) Reposition in the virtual applications delivery controller market where other players dominate the market and where the company has challenges in gaining market share and revenue growth.


The company foresees that the overall enterprise network equipment market is forecast to grow 2.4% CAGR and to reach $47.6 bn by 2018. Overall spending in the market is driven by replacement cycles and GDP led growth.

Growth in the WAN Optimisation controllers market is expected to remain stagnant or decline and so offers less potential with a need to adopt a more cost efficient approach.

The move from physical appliances to virtual appliances is expected to more than double sales in 2018 creating market opportunity for application acceleration equipment. Growth here is predicted at 4.2% CAGR through 2018.


A new Chief Executive wants to define the future agenda for the business and its staff and to enhance shareholder value, grow market share and ensure efficiency gains are effected.

The company has engaged XYZ Management Consultants to assist in defining the risks, challenges and opportunities it faces and in helping to define priorities for action and areas for improvement.


To assess market and growth opportunities to enhance overall shareholder value.


Communication across the business detailing phases of assessment, analysis and future activity focus.


1) Enterprise wide assessment of current product line capabilities, risks and growth.

2) Evaluation of new product potential and opportunities for product expansion.

3) Structured review of competitors and market growth potential by product and geography.

4) Hands on workshops with key staff across the business.


1) Development of an outline ‘Plan for the Future’ detailing new product and market potential.

2) Creation of a Project New World Team to quantify investment needs and product sales.

3) Assessment of Risks involved in adopting the plan, internal and external.

4) Super SWOT analysis detailing growth and profit potential alongside risks assessed.


1) Launch of New World plan across the company with key objectives and milestones.

2) Creation of execution task-force detailing core market and growth objectives.

3) Development of a Financial Future Plan giving budgets and targets for each unit.

4) Launch of New World vision to customer base including suppliers and business partners.

5) Investor relations presentations to share the vision and potential with shareholders.


1) Set up of a delivery dashboard to monitor progress in achievement of key tasks.

2) Market monitor to assess how competitors are responding and feedback implications.

3) Financial and Risk overview to check progress on monies invested, risks and profitability.

4) Staff feedback to gain insights on progress and opportunities for further enhancement.

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