Customer Benefits

Illumination of opportunities and strategic derailment issues in a fraction of the time required using traditional methods. Additional Benefits Include:

  • Data driven, at speed, to actionable information and structured corporate knowledge.
  • Monthly subscriptions or annual contracts depending on requirements.
  • Evidence based answers to Major Strategic Issues in days, and weeks; not months. 

After many years working across multiple sectors, we have discovered that most C-Suites want answers to the same questions, as shown in the image to the right.

Our online solution is specifically tailored to find these answers.

The SoluxR™ Sweet Spot

The SoluxRTM solution enables C-Suites to make superior decisions through the provision and integration of insight, oversight and foresight. When all three dimensions are combined effectively, companies can expect to see improved EBIT, lower earnings volatility, reduced cost of capital, amongst other value-driving outputs. This also leads to better investor/stakeholder communications. 

SoluxR™ Insight

System Module: 'Agility - understanding strengths & weaknesses, increasing organisational agility'. 

Insight for Customer: Receiving actionable, evidence based information from front line decision makers in real-time.


* Understand the speed at which the organisation can effect change ahead of less adaptive competitors.

* Understand how quickly the organisation can receive/send actionable information to/from the frontlines.

SoluxR™ Foresight

System Module: 'Value Creation - offering enhanced strategic choices and avoiding losses.

Foresight for Customer: Web-based Scenario Analysis Informing senior leadership decision making based on insights, trends and scenarios from the front lines.


* Understand what really matters to frontline decision-makers.

* Understand the worries they have as they pursue Business Objectives?

SoluxR™ Oversight

System Module: 'Risk & Culture'

Oversight for Customer: SEO (Strategy Execution Office): Operationalized Board Risk Oversight.


* Understand what’s going on across the organisation? 

* Understand what activities should be stopped today? 

Dynamic Reporting Tools

Dynamic SWOT

SoluxR automatically generates SWOTs from the board room through to front line operations. Our rules engine determines what objectives/outcomes/outputs or activities are plotted at corporate, SBU and other levels. Over time, the machine learns what opportunities and issues illuminated on the front lines need to be reported at higher levels. 

Strategic Alignment

''An effective board develops and promotes its collective vision of the company’s purpose, along with the values and the behaviours it wishes to promote in conducting its business and sets a strategy consistent with these’' (Source FRC 2018). The SoluxR rules engine establishes strategic alignments across the organisation and reports them in real time.

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