ACCA Culture - Governance

10 Apr 2017

Would you know good organisational culture if you saw it? If you saw it how could you be (reasonably) sure that it prevailed throughout the organisation? How would you know that what you were looking at was just a rare microcosm of an otherwise rotten macrocosm, or the reverse which is more often the case? ''Culture eats strategy for breakfast'' was an internationally accepted cliché long before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the corporate scandals which preceeded it. Since the GFC this (culture) chalice has been placed firmly in the remit of the board of directors. Not management. We believe that this ACCA toolkit provides an excellent 'single view' of the essential processes and procedures that matter most in aligning corporate objectives and desired behaviours throughout a well run organisation. The challenge thereafter is to 'demonstrate' that these proccesses and procedures are (1) sound and (2) delivering the desired effect. We commend the ACCA for their leadership in providing this guidance, much of which is reflected in SOLUXR's Solutions.      Peadar Duffy - Founder of SOLUXR™

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