Global Risk Oversight Report 2017

16 Jun 2017

This report by CGMA fully captures all that is happening within complex organisations in the world today. I have known that these issues have been an undercurrent in most boardrooms but now there is evidential proof. The solution that we have developed over the past three years is the perfect tool to capture, address and manage these risk and management related problems. I have summarised seven of the main points from the report to demonstrate the CGMA thought leadership.Peadar Duffy - Founder of SOLUXR™

1.  Organisations all around the world perceive an increasingly complex risk environment.

2.  Risk management practices appear to be relatively immature across the globe.

3.  Most organisations struggle to integrate their risk management processes with strategic planning. 

4.  There appears to be a lack of detailed risk oversight infrastructure in most organisations. 

5.  Internal management-level risk committees are more common than chief risk officers.

6.  The board of directors is placing pressure on management to strengthen risk oversight.

7.  There are real barriers within organisations that are impeding progress in maturing risk management processes.

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