3 Dec 2020

Evidence suggests that preparations for Brexit are disappointing. The UK National Audit Office has highlighted issues of readiness of public infrastructure. A poll last week of UK firms highlighted only 40% of organisations surveyed would start preparations only when they know the outcome of negotiations.

With only weeks left to the 1st Jan 2021 and the UK’s exit from the EU this IRM webinar will examine:

  • Principal risks identified in the first 100 days
  • Major disruptions identified across industry sectors
  • Financial impacts

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Participants are requested to take part in an IRM Brexit risk assessment (see link below) the results of which will be used as part of the webinar against the wider economic, fiscal, trade and market consequences of Brexit.

We will also explore the implications for the first 100 days after the transition period ends and practical steps firms need to undertake to mitigate risks. Participants who take part in the risk assessment will receive a report against which they can compare and contrast their own Brexit preparations.

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People completing the Brexit Risk Assessment can download the Brexit Ebook for up to date facts. Risk Insights will be provided to people who complete the Risk Assessment so they can compare and contrast with their own company preparations. 

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