The Lesson of Lost Value

10 Jan 2018

Strategies that Kill! are those where ''mis-management of strategic risks embedded in the top-level decisions made by the executive team, such as what products and services to offer, whether to outsource manufacturing, or what acquisitions to make''. So says Booz & Co in its second survey (2012) published here by PWC's Strategy + Business. And, its getting worse as compounding matters such as ''Accelerating technology development is forcing the rapid adoption of new products, services, and business models; digital information is making organizations more vulnerable to theft and loss; supply chain disruptions quickly ripple around the globe, affecting both companies and customers; consumer connectivity via social networks can broadcast missteps instantaneously to millions of people worldwide; and natural, political, or regulatory shocks can reverberate widely'' What is Management to Do? Recognizing pace of change, hyper-connectivity and our multi-polar uncertain world, they need to develop capabilities providing lateral connectivity and structured sharing of information across organisational leadership teams, centres of excellence and internal subject matter experts as a means of both exploiting opportunities ahead of less adaptive competitors and defending the business model against threats and risks from wherever they can arise. Which co-incidentally is what we do in Soluxr though our technology enabled solutions.

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