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'Always On' Strategy Scanning

Today’s globally connected, technology focused business environment demands a new approach to strategy planning to better identify potential and avoid future loss of value. Traditional annual strategy planning exercises no longer provide the insight or agility needed to survive and thrive in a fast paced business world.

‘Always on’ strategy scanning delivers a dynamic and democratic methodology to capture ideas, define disruptors and detail risks to the proposed future direction. Speed of response is dramatically improved and corporate engagement ensures opportunities are identified and assessed to maximise long term shareholder value.

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Crisis Response & Continuity Management

Competitive pressures today demand that Global 2,000 organizations outsource multiple core processes and functions across thousands of partners and critical suppliers across geographies. This modern-day fact of business life means that strategic leaderships no longer know for sure where their business model(s) is most at risk from unexpected events. Similarly, many have limited understanding of capabilities should abnormal and adverse events occur.

Using internationally proven and accepted crisis response guidelines and leveraging SOLUXR’s advanced technologies we deliver mission critical capability assessments and automated reporting, including project plans closing down weaknesses and gaps in capability.  

Our Crisis Response Methodology 


The uncertainty surrounding Brexit dictates that organisations’ planning addresses multiple scenarios. We may have only a few days’ notice to become Brexit-compliant - whilst seizing the opportunities of a post-Brexit environment. SOLUXR underpins multiple scenario planning with a technology enabled solution. Constantly updated with “always on” monitors, our algorithm ensures the right people get the right synthesis of external information and internal data. Facts-based and focused information cuts through the noise to support decisive and rapid company-wide deployment. Real-time monitoring then pinpoints issues requiring immediate management attention to ensure that Brexit readiness is completed in a full, integrated and timely manner impossible without SOLUXR.

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Cyber Resilience

For many companies, it is not a question of IF they will face a potentially damaging cyber security related incident but WHEN. In a world where information and data is becoming an ever more valuable currency, the importance of cyber resilience cannot be understated. Through the use of SOLUXR’s unique solution, you can ensure that your company is cyber resilient and minimise losses.

By aligning your company’s management strategy with your cyber resilience strategy; and identifying and preparing for potential threats before they occur, your company’s response will be effective and timely and recovery from such events will be swift and assured.

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SOLUXR provides companies with peace of mind and assurance regarding GDPR compliance through the use of a range of dynamic assessments across every level of your organisation. This not only ensures that your company is GDPR ready, but provides your company with protection and transparency.

In addition, by actively adhering to GDPR guidelines, you can form stronger consumer and investor trust, generating real value and capital for your company. 

Emerging Risk

Today’s Global 2,000 organisation are typically extended across hundreds of partners and thousands of critical suppliers. Core functions and critical processes which are outsourced are intrinsic, and mission critical, to value creation and delivery. Organisational complexity is compounded by pace of change and geopolitical events in a multipolar world driven by social media and 24/7 news.

SOLUXR's Emerging Risk Solution delivers an organisational intelligence network capability across opportunities, threats and issues affecting the ability to create, deliver and preserve value.

It is easy to use and delivers information from front line decision makers direct to strategic leaderships across regions, organizational silos and corporate.

Value at Risk

The purpose of an organisation is to create enduring value for all stakeholders over the long term. Value however means different things to different people. Beyond financial value, which is inherently easy to measure, organizations today consider value in terms of their human, intellectual, social and relationship, manufactured and natural capitals.

SOLUXR’s Value at Risk estimator is built into each SOLUXR solution. Whether considering value creating strategic initiatives or value diminishing threats and risks, we provide a strategic means to garner the collective wisdom of key front-line decision makers across your organization.

SOLUXR’s Value at Risk reports present powerful insights for CFO’s needing a holistic view of the state of health of their business models.

Risk Culture

Senior Executives are being required to attest to the effectiveness of their organisation’s management of material risks. To be confident that risk management is not just a compliance issue requires a culture in which thinking about managing risks is part of “how things get done around here”.

Our Risk Culture Solution puts the spotlight on culture in relation to the management of risk. This is an online assessment that evaluates the perceptions of your people about the importance of managing risk and about how they believe your organisation is performing in six areas –

  • Leadership – managing risk is led by example and people are held accountable
  • Support – resources and training support a positive risk culture
  • Communication – strong two-way communication about risk is encouraged
  • Engagement – managing risk is a personal responsibility and part of performance evaluation
  • Behaviours – aberrant behaviours that increase risk are not tolerated
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Focus – commitment exceeds legal compliance

The resulting gap analysis between Importance and Performance highlights organisational strengths and weaknesses in risk culture. 

The SOLUXR Risk Solution provides a clear pathway for action to ensure that your risk culture supports execution of your strategy.

Our Risk Culture Methodology

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