Why SoluxR?

SoluxR Return on Investment
  • Ability to maintain effective and efficient battle readiness for emerging opportunities, challenges and scenarios,
  • Sustainability of corporate purpose by aligning and shifting organisational decision making from top-down hierarchical to front line distributed leveraging fast, data driven, scenario based pathways to long-term viability, 
  • Increased buy-in of people up and down the decision chain of command with continuous feedback, testing, failing and learning during execution.
What do you get from SoluxR?
  • Robust scenario analysis and modelling impacts, risks and mitigations
  • Early foresight and insight of issues and opportunities before they develop
  • Significantly lower cost, faster and better analysis and planning
  • A single comprehensive view of what’s actually going on across organisations and wider ecosystem
  • Ability to understand, anticipate, respond, recover and quickly adapt as further cyclical pandemics occur
  • Rapidly assess the impact and effectiveness of urgent remediations
  • Detect systemic issues across the organisation
  • Dynamically fulfil regulatory & compliance obligations/requirements 
Why use SoluxR?
  • Secure, fully mobile optimised, easy to use and manageable
  • Very fast deployment
  • Greatly reduced costs
  • No interruption to business-as-usual
  • More reliable information
  • Gathered with underpinning evidences
  • Seamlessly create From a larger data sample size
  • Using advanced algorithms
  • To yield automated Performance Indices and Benchmarks
SoluxR™ Insight

System Module: 'Agility - understanding strengths & weaknesses, increasing organisational agility'. 

Insight for Customer: Receiving actionable, evidence based information from front line decision makers in real-time.


* Understand the speed at which the organisation can effect change ahead of less adaptive competitors.

* Understand how quickly the organisation can receive/send actionable information to/from the frontlines.

SoluxR™ Foresight

System Module: 'Value Creation - offering enhanced strategic choices and avoiding losses.

Foresight for Customer: Web-based Scenario Analysis Informing senior leadership decision making based on insights, trends and scenarios from the front lines.


* Understand what really matters to frontline decision-makers.

* Understand the worries they have as they pursue Business Objectives?

SoluxR™ Oversight

System Module: 'Risk & Culture'

Oversight for Customer: SEO (Strategy Execution Office): Operationalized Board Risk Oversight.


* Understand what’s going on across the organisation? 

* Understand what activities should be stopped today? 

Dynamic Reporting Tools

Dynamic SWOT

SoluxR automatically generates SWOTs from the board room through to front line operations. Our rules engine determines what objectives/outcomes/outputs or activities are plotted at corporate, SBU and other levels. Over time, the machine learns what opportunities and issues illuminated on the front lines need to be reported at higher levels. 

Strategic Alignment

''An effective board develops and promotes its collective vision of the company’s purpose, along with the values and the behaviours it wishes to promote in conducting its business and sets a strategy consistent with these’' (Source FRC 2018). The SoluxR rules engine establishes strategic alignments across the organisation and reports them in real time.

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